Loopdeloop is a bimonthly animation challenge that encourages animators to create a short looping animation based on a single word concept. For the theme of “gravity” I set out to push my animation style using predominantly hand drawn frame by frame animation. Inspired by French animation I concentrated on exaggerating poses while keeping the animation clear and readable.
The result is a whimsical take on apartment living that sees a heavy man forever falling from floor to floor in his bathtub. Along the way he encounters different characters living inside his building.

After settling on a concept I began designing the characters. Maintaining a manageable design that was able to fully express the drama of the concept was key. For the main character I created a style sheet to reference during the animation process.
The background design needed to contain a level of detail that didn’t distract from the characters. I developed a simple colour scheme was used as a guide to create a consistent feel for each room in the animation.