Rialto Regeneration

As part of the Rialto’s physical regeneration project I was enlisted by Hive to conceptualise and storyboard an accompanying video. The main challenge was in addressing each of the diverse target audiences using a subtle narrative that incorporated senior figures as well as younger up and coming professionals.
The way in which sunlight was reflected from the Rialto was identified early on as a unique aspect of the building. We linked this visual to the Oscar Wilde quote:

“Never regret thy fall,
O Icarus of the fearless flight
For the greatest tragedy of them all
Is never to feel the burning light.”
This formed the driving idea behind the video. The two protagonists who feature in the video embody this idea, and as we follow their day to day lives we discover the many facets the Rialto has to offer. Additionally the video needed to accomplish a number of other objectives like showing off the building's architecture and services. The narrative provided us with a common thread to weave all of these elements together.
Producer Kat Mitropoulos and director James Ballard were approached to bring the concept to life. I then worked with James to edit and grade the final product.
The result is a professional video that presents the aspirational working culture within the Rialto and the subtle nuances that exist between the two protagonists.